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The Survey: measure, know, involve


How would you describe your organisation’s email and communication culture?

To successfully change or improve your communication culture, you need to know exactly where you’re starting from. This way, you can identify specific areas where you can improve your performance.

​The survey is a great point of departure for all future actions and leads to SMART goal setting. It provides you with objective facts and figures and gives you proven suggestions for possible actions and remedies.

​Instead of vague resolutions, SMART goal setting creates verifiable trajectories towards a certain objective, with clear milestones and an estimation of the goal's attainability.


To measure is

to know

Furthermore, this survey is useful for human resources and communication departments to help convince the top management that progressive action needs to be taken.

The Master Your Email Survey measures the good, the bad and the ugly


Our growing database enables us to benchmark your company’s email culture and compare your organisation to other businesses.


  • How many emails does your staff receive on average? How would you describe email use in your organisation?

  • What do email flow patterns look like in your organisation? A heat map of the most important email flows gives you an insight into the electronic traffic: who communicates with whom, and which departments are in need of re-organisation.

  • What are the biggest frustrations with the current email culture in your organisation?

  • What is the effect of email, and other electronic means of communication, on the subjective workload, the stress levels and the well-being of your teams?

  • Do the users themselves see quick wins or other long-term strategies to improve email effectiveness?

  • What is the estimated cost of email use for the company and what is a realistic estimate of the possible savings that an improved email culture could afford?

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