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The Seminar: inspire, motivate, kick-off


With over 40.000 participants in less than seven years, the Master Your Email seminar has become the number one keynote seminar in Europe. This short, engaging and motivational seminar serves as an eye-opener, giving an overview of the essential strategies for healthier email use. Master Your Email the seminar is unique and notably concise, covering all the common email challenges in your organisation in only 3 hours.

​After attending the Master Your Email seminar, your staff members will only send emails when absolutely necessary or useful. Attendees will spend less time in their inboxes, manage their tasks more efficiently and write clearer messages. This half day seminar treats three crucial topics in one session:


1. ​Inbox management > Your staff members will handle emails more efficiently, making more time available for others tasks.​

2. Writing of electronic messages > Your staff members will write shorter and better structured emails.

3. Email culture > Your staff will learn the importance and benefits of communicating more effectively within your organisation.

​In short, the seminar teaches its participants the basic principles of a healthy email and communication culture.

The seminar comes with:

  • Complete hand-outs for every participant

  • Simple email business games and tools that help develop healthier email habits

  • Awareness posters and communication campaigns

  • Tools to help implement the best practices into everyday life, e.g. tent signs with tips & tricks, mouse pads, etc.


Preview the Master Your Email seminar

Boss again of your email

On-site in your facilities or in open seminars

For groups from 20 to 500 participants

Presentation in Dutch, French or English

Short, funny and extremely inspiring

Delivered in half-day format for optimal return on investment

Effectiveness rated at + 90% by participants