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The Crash Course: show, assist, implement


Absolutely everything, really everything you need to know about Outlook, Gmail or IBM Notes.

In this half day workshop lasting 3 hours, Bruno Verhaeghe will primarily focus on quick wins so maximum personal efficiency can be acquired from Outlook*.


The Crash Course allows participants to get used to often unknown but essential functions and working methods. You will discover a completely new time-saving way of working.

Bruno's unique approach makes this workshop different from other Outlook* trainings. We depart from the reality of daily practice. Knowledge of the e-mail program is not the target, but the means in order to maintain control over the flow of electronic communication at all times.


The Crash Course is so much more than a classic Outlooktraining. It builds on the principles of the Master Your Email business seminar, and is a course in best practices, in which you gradually learn how to adapt Outlook* to your own needs.


As every job is different, we do not stick to one single model. Our aim here is to let go of old habits and to replace them with proven efficient strategies.


Thanks to often completely unknown but essential functions and working methods the Crash Course guarantees you a spectacular return with minimal effort. Probably your best investment in time ever! Calculate your gains below:

1 hour  a day  in Outlook>  save 15 min / day = 1 ½ working weeks / year

2 hours a day in Outlook>  save 30 min / day = saves three working weeks / year

3 hours a day in Outlook>  save 45 min / day = 4 ½ working weeks / year

4 hours a day in Outlook>  save 1 hour / day = 6 working weeks / year


* Or Gmail or IBM Notes


Three step approach: Why? What? How?

Step 1: Why? In order to motivate employees to change their way of working, one has to convince them of the advantages of new habits.


Step 2: What? Once attendees understand why new email habits are necessary, they are introduced to different essential Outlook, Gmail or IBM Notes features that can help them improve their effectiveness.

Step 3: How? After they choose the best functional solution, attendees learn how to activate and use these options. The training is very hands-on: bring your laptop along and start as from day one with a complete new way of working.

Much more than just a technical training!

On-site in your facilities

Hands-on training with immediate impact on the participant’s effectiveness

Focus on quick wins, not on every possible Outlook option

Delivered in half-day format for optimal return

Down to earth: only realistic, easily accessible tools are explained

Interactive: participants can submit their own questions and steer the course to better suit them