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The Consolidation: capture, formalise, secure


Introducing a new email policy is the final step for every company that wants to change the email habits of their staff. However, the introduction of guidelines does require specific efforts until the new culture gains its own dynamics.

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Phase 2: The proclamation


Create a sense of urgency within the entire organisation with a well-executed announcement of the new email guidelines. We can help you emphasise the importance of the new guidelines by organising an official kick-off event or email awareness sessions. Roll-up banners in the reception area or in the canteen, flyers or posters in the coffee corner… just ask us for ideas and templates!

A successful implementation consists of 2 phases:

Phase 1: The writing


Experience has taught us that the impact of email guidelines increases when the employees themselves can determine the content. We can help you set up a focus group to define the most common email problems and frustrations, thus producing qualitative data about the existing email culture.