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Master Your Email Online: instruct, remind, repeat


This handy series of online lessons introduces you to the essentials of effective email use in your organisation. Every aspect of email is covered: from personal inbox management to technical Outlook features, and from writing skills to email culture.

Master Your Email Online is an instructional series of videos developed by Gunnar Michielssen.

  • ​Brief content videos explain the “why,” “what” and “how” of healthy email use.

  • Technical screen-capture videos teach the trainees how to turn Outlook into a powerful business tool, providing a more focused, effective and organised structure.

  • Every technical screen capture is converted in a clear pdf that allows users to implement the tips at their own pace.

Master Your Email Online includes

  • 12 lessons of in-depth video instruction

  • 15+ screen-capture videos + pdfs with technical advice

  • Focus on realistic, easy-to-implement Outlook features

  • New content added frequently

  • Extra: one-on-one online help



Participants can advance and develop their skills at their own pace. Although the participant can access any video whenever he or she wants, we recommend choosing our weekly reminders programme. This approach creates an enjoyable and easy-to-digest learning environment that really helps change their habits in the long run.

Learn at your own pace