Less, smarter &

better email

Email is not going to disappear. Possibly ever.

Until the robots kill us all.


- Paul Buchheit -

Creator of Gmail



Master Your Email (MYE) helps tackle the challenges linked to the massive use of email and electronic communications in the business world. The daily avalanche of emails, chat messages and other electronic communication are the biggest threat to productivity in the workplace.

Looking for an effective and simple strategy to adjust the email culture in your organisation? With the approach and training modules of MYE you will book fast and lasting results.

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To guarantee optimum impact, MYE radically opts for a condensed and integrated strategy built up in 5 steps around Master Your Email, the business seminar par excellence of the Benelux. You do not have to do anything yourself, we take care of everything. Put us to work today and 12 weeks later you have perfect control of the e-mail flows in your organisation.

No isolated one shots, but a well-though-out phased approach, in which the various components strengthen each other as much as possible. For practical or organisational reasons, it is possible to skip or limit certain steps or give them more attention.


We are happy to advise you on the most suitable approach for your specific situation.

  • Complete programme: quick & accurate

  • Dynamic & interactive

  • Modular according to individual wishes

  • Over 50.000 participants since 2008

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The seminar

Inspire, motivate, kick-off


The 3-hour Master Your Email seminar is the perfect kick-off training for every organisation that wants to communicate less, smarter and better. In just half a day you will learn how to get a grip on the incoming email tsunami, how to write better emails and how to send up to 30% less mail.


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With over 50.000 participants in ten years, Gunnar Michielssen's Master Your Email seminar guarantees a funny and inspiring half-day.

The survey

Measure, know & involve

​To measure is to know. The survey helps us to benchmark the email culture of your organisation with that of others. In addition, it allows us to fine-tune the seminar and workshop to your specific internal needs.

The workshop

Show, assist & implement

The training Crash Course Outlook (or Gmail) provides the participants with a lot of tips & tricks. A big step forward towards a new and smarter way of working with a spectacular return on investment.

The e-learning

Instruct, remind & repeat

The online training MYE Digital is the perfect summary of the seminar and workshop. Dozens of video tips motivate your employees to change email habits until the new culture gains it own dynamics.

The consolidation

Capture, formalise & secure

Introduce clear e-mail guidelines to finalise the new email habits.


Our guarantee: with the right approach you can expect a lasting impact.


Would you like a Master Your Email keynote or seminar, a hands-on training or are you more interested in our e-learning? Feel free to contact us via the contact form or just request a quote.


You can also email directly to Gunnar or Bruno. Or call old-fashioned to +32 688 28 01.

Master Your Email is really recommended! In ½ days’ time, it becomes clear how you can save a lot of time with small adaptations. I have turned those tips into practice. Dynamic Gunnar is able to get everything across and never makes you feel like you are getting trained. Thank you!

Karen Bogaert

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