Master Your Email

Master Your Email is a comprehensive programme that has helped countless individuals and businesses in interpreting and resolving communication problems within teams, departments and entire organisations. The final purpose of the Master Your Email programme is to facilitate progressive changes, improvements and smarter collaboration among employees in order to increase effectiveness and competitiveness in the corporate world.

Our team focuses on the identification, analysis and remedy of all communication problems that threaten employee effectiveness.


We provide you with the essential tools that are needed to repair a less effective communication culture. As we often find ourselves having to tackle a multitude of challenges which are linked to the massive use of email and electronic communications, these obstacles can hold the staff back from working effectively in an email and information-overloaded environment.

Master Your Email offers audits, coaching, consultancy, seminars, cultural change programmes, education and awareness services. We serve industries, service companies, financial institutions, insurance companies, governmental organisations, public utilities and non-profit organisations in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and other European countries.


Master Your Email is developed by Gunnar Michielssen and Bruno Verhaeghe.

About us

Gunnar Michielssen was one of the first communication experts to recognise the growing email and communication challenges in the business world. Back in 2005, he launched the first programme to help professionals cope with the ever-growing piles of email in their inboxes. Since then, he has spoken to more than 40.000 people in over 1.000 companies in Belgium, England, the Netherlands, Italy, the UK, France, Germany and other European countries.

Gunnar Michielssen
Bruno Verhaeghe

Bruno Verhaeghe facilitates in-company Outlook and Gmail workshops. He does not focus on the technical aspects of these email clients, but rather looks at actual working methods and efficiency improvements by leveraging the functional knowledge of Outlook and Gmail. His passion and enthusiasm convey to the public the desire to fundamentally change the way they work.

For the first time I really was fascinated by a public speaker. Very inspiring and I recommend it to everyone! Super!"


Anne-Marie Dom